Our Results Speak For Themselves

Joel successfully fought to have my DUI charge dismissed. For court, he located and prepared witnesses who proved the paint chemicals on my work clothes affected the breath test results and explained why I smelled like alcohol.

— Paul S.

I was stopped for defective vehicle lights and arrested for DUI. Joel had me go immediately to an auto mechanic and have the lights checked. In court the mechanic's testimony that the light was operational caused the judge to dismiss the case.

— Darci S.

I am a war vet and I have PTSD. Over a period of a couple months, I was arrested for several DUIs and for resisting the police (felony). Joel had several charges dismissed, kept me out of jail, and got me the counseling and medical help I needed by finding and referring me to a Veterans Court.

— Mitch R

I didn't have a license but I kept driving and getting arrested. Joel recognized my depression and addiction issues. He kept me out of jail and got me help by finding a mental health court to take my cases and provide me treatment.

— Chrisanne M.

I was arrested for DUI, resisting an officer and refusing the breath test. My attorney proved that I am hearing impaired and that the police should have let me read my rights instead of telling me. The cases were dismissed.

— Robert B.

This attorney proved that the breathalyzer I used was not tested and maintained correctly. My impaired charge was dismissed.

— Rita A.

I am from Chicago and was stopped on the way to the Rothbury festival for a tinted rear window. I was charged with possession of marijuana. Joel had my charge reduced to littering by proving that the local police were targeting festival goers and that out-of-state vehicles did not have to follow Michigan equipment laws.

— Jeff S.

I was arrested for my fifth DUI. My attorney kept me out of prison, and allowed me to keep my job by finding me alcohol counseling and referring me to a sobriety court. I was even able to continue driving to and from during my employment.

— Tom I.

I lost my license because of DUIs. I tried to get my license back but was denied because I didn't attend AA. Joel recognized that my church was just as important and helpful to me as formal alcohol counseling. He got my license back.

— Ruth D.